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Were you looking to wholesale KD furniture with a flat-pack design? This ultimate solutions guide will help you with everything you need to know about industrial furniture wholesale and manufacturing.

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Industrial furniture is a design style influenced by the aesthetics of industrial architecture and applied to modern or contemporary settings. The industrial style is characterized by an emphasis on metal finishes, rough textures, exposed pipes and wires, and dark woods.
Industrial-style furniture manufacturers combine metal and wood furniture and incorporate modern designs to give it a unique look. The metal elements of wholesale industrial furniture are usually black, while the wooden parts are typically brown but also black, gray, red, and other colors.

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    Industrial Bedroom Furniture
    As one of China leading industrial furniture manufacturers and suppliers, we have served many online sellers with good sales volume and reviews. We supply the newest industrial-design bedroom furniture for sale at an affordable wholesale price. From coat racks to end tables, With a wide range of designs and colors, so you can find something to fit your needs.
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    Wholesale Industrial Living Room Furniture
    Our industrial living room furniture is the perfect addition to home decor. Whether you want to wholesale a coffee table, TV stand, side table, or ladder shelf, this collection will add an industrial rustic and vintage to any room. We wholesale industrial design and flat-pack furniture for online sellers and provide unique designs at competitive prices.
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    Wholesale Industrial Entryway Furniture
    HOMVND - a professional furniture manufacturer and supplier that wholesale entryway furniture for online retailers. Our flat-pack entryway furniture includes coat racks, benches, hall trees, entryway racks, shoe racks, umbrella stands, etc.
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    Wholesale Industrial Study Room Furniture
    If you are looking for a wholesale home office furniture supplier, contact HOMVND. We have many years in this field and can provide you with unique designs at a reasonable price. Our study room furniture includes ergonomic chairs, computer desks, wall shelves, bookshelves, file cabinets, printer stands, etc.
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    Wholesale Industrial Kitchen Furniture
    We offer various modern and industrial kitchen furniture with flat-pack designs in multiple styles, including dining sets, cabinets, baker's racks, storage shelves, and more. If you are an online seller, it will be the best choice. Better, we can customize kitchen furniture per your requirements.
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    Leaning Ladder Industrial Bookshelf Open Shelf for Storage (1)
    Ladder Bookshelf
    Wholesale Industrial L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk
    Computer Desk
    Wholesale Entryway Shoe Rack Bench with Coat Hooks
    Shoe Rack Bench
    Wholesale Entryway Narrow Console Table with 2 Drawers
    Sofa Console Table
    Industrial Style Rectangular Thick Wood Grain Top Coffee Table
    Center Coffee Table
    Wholesale Hall Tree Bench With Coat Rack
    Entryway Coat Rack
    Wholesale Kitchen Shelves with Power Outlet (4)
    Kitchen Baker's Rack
    End & Side Table
    Take a Peek Inside New Designs

    Are you looking for popular and elegant industrial furniture for wholesale with a flat packing design? Well, look no further – our team of design experts will help realize your idea.

    Functional, Stylish, & Flat-pack Designs.

    With the team and resources to bring your design to life from planning to conception, we can make your industrial furniture wholesale dream come true.

    Wholesale Furniture for E-commerce


    Like mega-brand furniture sellers, most small sellers also desire to make their brand, private labels, unique design, and customized packaging. However, it is often impossible to achieve. As the high MOQ, most factories can’t provide customized services.

    Don’t worry; we have many cooperative furniture manufacturers that can supply customized designs even with low MOQ. We provide a one-stoping service from design to sampling, stickers to delivery.


    E-Commerce Platform Performance

    More than 80% of our clients are in the e-commerce business, such as Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Costco, Bol, Wish, and Otto. And they have good sales and reviews.

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    Industrial Furniture Customized Design

    Want a unique finish & design? HOMVND offers custom services from design to manufacturing.
    Contact us, and we will turn your idea into products.
    furniture design

    Process of industrial furniture customized design:

    Let us know your ideas; we will customize the design according to your needs and preferences; when everything perfectly meets your requirements, we will confirm your order for production.

    After browsing the peer listing, you can boldly imagine the industrial furniture you want to wholesale. Tell us about your inspiration, and we’ll make it a reality and transform it beyond your imagination.

    After in-depth communication, with our years of experience, we will give you the best advice in many aspects, such as function, material, and style.

    After you are satisfied with the design, we will make samples. If you are happy with the sample, then mass production.

    We will never stop designing until you are delighted. The most ideal order quantity and container, price and delivery time will reach you together.

    After confirming the design, we will make industrial furniture samples. We’ll have mass production if you are satisfied with the quality and the designs.

    After you place the order, we will follow up on all the details and give you feedback, including mass production progress, marks, barcodes, packaging, shipping schedule, etc.

    Industrial Furniture Manufacturing

    Industrial furniture manufacturing is not complicated, but many details need attention. Here you may know the general manufacturing process.

    Wholesale industrial furniture manufacturing process.

    The Furniture Manufacturing Process include:

    • Board Cutting And Veneering
    • Material Cutting Of Iron Tube
    • Hole Punching By Design Draft
    • Welding & Polishing
    • Painting Of Metal
    • Product Packaging

    Board cutting and veneering is a manufacturing process of wood parts for furniture. The processing is independent of the iron frame. First, boards need to be cut to the correct size according to the design, and then, the natural wood veneer will cover the surface.

    The iron part will be processed at the same time as the wood. Raw materials will be cut and bent. Finally, the frame component will be accurately processed and moved to the next step.

    Skilled technicians will prepare each screw hole in advance, and a variety of moulds will complete the different sizes of screw holes. The location and size of each hole will be exactly like the original design.

    Welding metal tubular components to fittings and brackets is an essential step in manufacturing. It keeps the structure solid and stable. Don’t worry about the welding spot; the workers will polish it smoothly.

    The painting process includes degreasing, washing, pickling, Phosphating, Drying, conducting a pendant, Blowing dust, and electrostatic spraying. Strict procedures will ensure the surface is smooth and shiny and prevent rust.

    The product comes in a mail-order package with padding inside to prevent scratches.

    The flat-pack packaging allows for maximum shipping efficiency and saves shipping costs. It’s perfect for all online platforms.

    It will still pass the drop test to ensure the product’s safety during transportation.

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    Video Of Assembling​

    Details of Industrial Furniture

    We are committed to every detail your clients may care about, including surface treatment, structural stability, safe transportation, and easy assembly.


    Thanks to the simple structure, our detailed instructions, and the Allen key, you can quickly assemble it independently.


    With a black steel frame and particle wood panels, this vintage-inspired piece of furniture is perfect for any room yet has individual character and durability.


    We wholesale furniture with flat-packing, saving shipping fees and storage space and safer delivery. It’s a perfect choice for e-commerce, like Amazon, eBay, and Bol..

    industrial end tables

    Industrial-style or vintage industrial furniture features clean lines and simple details, often made from metal and wood. It is designed to be durable, sturdy, and long-lasting while still being stylish at the same time. The metal construction makes it easy to clean and maintain and resistant to stains, scratches, and dents. This allows you to use your furniture daily without worrying about it getting damaged or dirty quickly! Industrial-style furniture is typically made from metal or wood with a black finish. Because of its versatility and durability, you will find this type of furniture in many homes and offices. Industrial-style furniture can be used in almost any room, including the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Especially the industrial furniture wholesale in China is very popular with Amazon sellers.

    Industrial and farmhouses are two of the most popular design styles today. They both have a rustic, vintage look perfect for country-style homes.

    Industrial Design

    Industrial design can be described as a modern style that uses materials like metal and wood but still incorporates natural elements such as wood or stone. The look is characterized by large metal fixtures, exposed brick, concrete floors, and rough-hewn wood. The industrial design doesn’t always have to be bright and cheery like other home decorating styles, but it tends to have a bit more edgy vibe than different styles.

    Farmhouse Design

    Farmhouse design is a more casual type of home decorating style that often features rough-hewn wood surfaces, exposed brick walls and rustic accents such as barn doors and large windows. It’s also common for farmhouse designs to include lots of greenery and plants around the home’s exterior to give it an inviting appearance when viewed from outside during the warmer months of the year.

    The style of Industrial Furniture is popular among home decorators, and it’s also a hot sale product on Amazon. What makes this style so popular?

    Section 1: Materials
    Industrial furniture is made from particle board with a natural wood finish and metal frame. The wood veneer finish adds a touch of elegance to the industrial look of this great furniture. Wholesale industrial furniture is a popular choice for online sellers. It has good sales, a lot of positive reviews, and a high rating on Amazon.

    Section 2: Multi finishes and design for choice
    It comes in different finishes, including Black, White, and Dark Walnut, which means you can choose the one that best matches your style.

    Section 3: Affordable and functional
    Multi purposes: They are ideal for use in living rooms, studies, bedrooms, kitchens, entryways, and more; Due to the flat packaging and inexpensive raw materials, consumers can get the same quality products for less money than solid wood furniture.

    Lists of Industrial Furniture Supplier and Manufacturers

    We‘ve organized reliable global furniture suppliers and top industrial furniture sellers you may be concerned about. Welcome to find out more  furniture manufacturer resources>>

    Top 10 German Furniture Manufacturers

    Germany is known for its high-quality furniture. Here are the Top 10 German Furniture Manufacturers. Most of these companies have a reputation internationally as well. This is why you’ll easily recognize some of the names here.

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    Why Choose Us

    We supply industrial furniture for wholesale with flat-pack designs from home garden to entryway, from the living room to bedroom, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

    Suppose you need wholesale a wide range of industrial furniture and various popular designs with a small trial order. In that case, finding suppliers through Alibaba or Canton fair and purchasing alone will be a real headache. Our professional design team and reliable factory will be an effective and convenient solution, giving you the best industrial furniture with flat packing designs.

    Perfect Solutions

    You may be bothered by the competition and profit margins. We strive to meet your needs with professional custom solutions and stable performance.

    OEM & ODM

    Offering OEM & ODM service for even trial order. Professional design team continues to enrich your listing. Some regular products are in stock.

    FAQ of Industrial Furniture Wholesale

    The ultimate FAQ of industrial furniture importing. Below are the top questions our clients care about before closing a deal.

    A: Here are the top 10 KD furniture brand sellers on Amazon:
    Walker Edison

    A: In China, the industrial furniture manufacturing industry is mainly located in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Shandong provinces. These provinces have abundant supplier resources and are close to ports for easy export.

    A: No. However, you may need some paperwork to get your goods through customs. Your supplier will provide all required documents and correctly classify and describe them. This is so customs officers can accurately assess duty and tax due on your goods.

    A: The load-bearing capacity will vary according to the design and product use, like:

    Computer desk: 110 lb (50 kg). Bookshelf: 15.15 lb (6.87 kg), Side table: 44 lb (20 kg)

    The load-bearing design will far exceed the actual needs of life use.

    A: 35 days after deposit. If you need custom furniture, we need one week to design and make samples. We will finish the production within 35 days after confirming the order.

    A: We have professional quality inspectors who will inspect from the production process to the finished product by taking photos and videos and welcome client or third-party inspections.

    A: If the furniture you offer is too complex or not the styles we are good at, we may not be able to manufacture it. With the 6 years of industry experience, we are confident we have more resources than others. We can help you find the corresponding manufacturer and save your precious time.

    Many good industrial vintage furniture brands sell on Amazon. Most of them are Chinese sellers, or at least the products originate in China. Here are some of the best furniture brands in the world: Walker Edison, Signature, Furinno, VASAGLE, Ameriwood, Zinus, WLIVE, Rolanstar, Danpinera, Yusong.

    Amazon furniture seller sourcing is done in China. The Chinese suppliers are mainly Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, and Shandong Province.

    It is worth mentioning that among the top Amazon sellers, Chinese sellers account for 63%.

    The most popular products for Amazon FBA sellers are bedroom sets, dining sets, patio sets, and living room sets. MDF (medium-density fiberboard) and particle board are these products’ most popular wood types.

    So, if you are an Amazon seller, China will be a good sourcing place for you.

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