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Table of Contents is one of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands, offering a wide range of products to customers. For many entrepreneurs, provides the ideal platform to sell their products, including furniture. And, there are many sellers are selling industrial-style loft furniture. If you are considering entering into this field on, here are some tips that will help you to succeed.

1. Register and complete the seller verification

To begin selling your furniture products on, the first step is to register an account and complete the seller verification. This process entails providing several forms of personal and company documentation, including your proof of identification, Chamber of Commerce registration and VAT identification number. From the experience of a furniture supplier who has cooperated with many Bol sellers at the same time, these steps may seem cumbersome, but they are essential. It’s worth noting that for those without a Dutch business, while it is still possible to sell on, the verification process may be more time-consuming.

2. Know the rules of

Familiarize yourself with the rules of to ensure your business remains compliant. The rules include policies on data protection, pricing, refunds, and customer service requirements.

Here are some policies related to selling furniture on

1. Pricing policy – As per’s policy, sellers must offer their products at competitive prices, and they should not offer their products at prices higher than what is proposed by other sellers in the market.

2. Return policy – Sellers should follow’s return policy for furniture products. Customers can return furniture products within 30 days of delivery.

3. Delivery policy – requires furniture sellers to provide flexible delivery options to their customers. Sellers must ensure that the furniture products are delivered within the stipulated period.

4. Guarantee policy – provides a guarantee to customers on all furniture products sold on its platform. This guarantee lasts for two years, and takes care of the returns and refunds during this period.

5. Content policy – Sellers must make sure that their furniture product descriptions and images are accurate, appropriate, and comply with’s content policy. Sensitive and offensive content is strictly prohibited. The more professional and complete your product content and descriptions, the more helpful they will be to your sales efforts. Providing accurate and thorough information undoubtedly assists potential buyers in making informed purchasing decisions. Furthermore, this is an area where you can distinguish yourself from your competitors and gain a competitive advantage.

3. Develop a product strategy

Developing a product strategy is essential to your success on You need to conduct market research, identify your target audience, and determine your pricing strategy. Before listing your products, check the competition to understand the market you are entering.

industrial end tables

4. Create your product listings

Your product listings are the key to attracting customers on You need to have clear, high-quality product images that showcase the features and details of your furniture, including both white background and lifestyle images. Additionally, providing images that demonstrate size and scale is necessary when selling furniture. Write captivating headlines and descriptions, and select the appropriate categories and tags to attract more traffic and reach a wider audience. provides a powerful set of tools to help you manage and optimize your listings effectively. Some vendors, like us, go the extra mile by including product photos, saving you valuable time.

5. Storage and delivery

After publishing your listings online, you need to consider storage and delivery options. For those who are new to the industry or need to minimize upfront costs, drop-shipping other brands’ furniture may seem like a viable choice. This strategy avoids inventory and warehousing costs; however, it restricts you to selling only other brands’ products, making it challenging to establish your own brand.

Nevertheless, setting up your own warehouse and reserving products with high sales volumes can minimize the risks of stock shortages. Having your packaging and private label logo can strengthen your brand image in the long run, making it a better choice for sellers looking for long term growth.

industrial Kitchen Island

6. Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising are essential to driving traffic to your product listings.

Here are some tips and examples for marketing and advertising your products on

1. Optimize your keywords and titles – Make sure that you use relevant keywords and optimize your titles to make your products easier for customers to find on the platform.

Example: If you’re selling an industrial side table, make sure you add keywords like “industrial,” “loft,” and “side table” in your title.

2. Showcase your products with high-quality images – Include several images that showcase your products from different angles and perspectives, and ensure that they are of high quality.

Example: Using lifestyle images that show your furniture in a living room setting can help customers imagine what the product would look like in their homes.

industrial furniture

3. Leverage’s advertising tools – offers various advertising tools such as sponsored products, brand pages and display ads to increase visibility and sales.

Example: You can use’s sponsored products option to showcase your furniture via targeted advertisements that appear alongside related products.

4. Offer promotions and discounts – Providing promotions and discounts like free shipping or discounts on bundles can attract customers and increase sales.

Example: Offering a discount of 10% for customers who purchase a full living room set instead of individual pieces.

5. Encourage customer feedback and review – Encourage your customers to leave feedback and reviews to help build trust and credibility for your products.

Example: Sending follow-up emails to customers asking for reviews and feedback on their purchases.

By leveraging these marketing and advertising strategies, sellers can increase their product visibility and improve their sales.

Wholesale Furniture

7. Customer service

Customer service is critical to your success as a seller on You need to ensure you respond to customer inquiries promptly, handle returns efficiently, and maintain high customer satisfaction. provides sellers with a messaging system through which customers can contact you, so make sure you are quick to respond. Customer reviews and ratings also impact your sales, so encourage your customers to leave reviews.

8. How to analyze sales data on Bol?

Analyzing your sales data helps you to identify what is working for you on and where there is room for improvement. Here are some ways to analyze sales data on

Utilize the seller dashboard – provides a seller dashboard that provides real-time statistics, which sellers can utilize to understand their sales performance, identify trends, and formulate strategies.

Create reports and track metrics – Sellers can create custom reports to track metrics such as sales velocity, revenue, conversion rate, and more, which can provide insights to optimize their listings and pricing strategy.

Analyze customer reviews – Understanding the feedback of customers, including positive and negative reviews and comments can help sellers improve their products and services.

Flip Top Side Table with USB Ports and Outlets

Utilize third-party tools – Apart from the seller dashboard, sellers can also use third-party analytics tools to analyze data from

Monitor competitors – By monitoring the activity and behavior of competitors, you can gauge their pricing strategy, understand customer preferences, and offer differentiated products and services.

By analyzing your sales data on, you can gain insights into your performance, which will help make informed decisions and optimize sales.


Selling furniture on is a great way to reach a large audience and grow your business. By following these tips, you can set up a successful furniture sales operation on Remember to maintain high customer service standards, keep your product catalog updated, and analyze your sales data regularly. With the right product strategy and effective marketing, you can quickly become one of the top furniture sellers on

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