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When it comes to furniture, I guess that not many people think of Dutch designers. However, traditional Dutch furniture has become so popular that it has been recognized as one of the most noteworthy brands in the world.

Amsterdam offers the credit of being home to some of the top furniture brands in The Netherlands. Below we’ll highlight a few of these 10 best Dutch Furniture brands and some background information, so you can get an idea of what they’re all about.

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1. CRS-International

crs-international furniture

CRS-International is a dutch company with more than 30 years of experience in the furniture industry. When CRS began as a trading company of upholstery fabrics, but it soon expanded into manufacturing sofas and chairs. They work with manufacturers in South Africa, The Netherlands, Greece, and China for custom furniture deliveries worldwide. CRS now offers complete living room sets, bedroom sets, and dining room tables in addition to its original product line-up.

2. Iltoro Design

Iltoro Design is a Dutch furniture company located in the Netherlands. It is known for its contemporary style but offers more traditional pieces.

Iltoro Design’s most popular products include dining tables and chairs, accent tables, sofas and loveseats, barstools and stools, bookcases and shelves, entertainment centers, desks and credenzas, beds and headboards, dressers and chests of drawers, nightstands and bedside tables, wardrobes and armoires.

3. Flux

Flux is one of the largest Dutch furniture companies in the country today. They offer a wide range of products, including beds and mattresses, dining tables, sofas and chairs, wardrobes, mirrors, and more. Their furniture is characterized by quick assembly without borrowing other tools and a unique design. They also have one of the largest collections of lamps in all of Europe. This company is amazing because they sell quality items at very affordable prices without compromising quality standards. If you are looking for a lot of quality furniture, this is the place for you!

4. Leen Bakker

Leen Bakke is a Dutch furniture company that produces beautiful and high-quality furniture.

The company has been praised for its innovative design and use of materials. Every year, it releases new series worth looking forward to. Leen Bakke’s collection includes chairs, tables, sofas, and other furniture for everyday use.

If you pay more attention to the environmental protection concept of furniture, they focus on sustainability, and your peers don’t need to care about the aging and wear of furniture. Maybe your customers will prefer it.


TEAKEA was founded in 2002 years. Their goal was to create a brand offering quality products at reasonable prices. They believe everyone deserves a beautiful home, which is why they specialize in creating affordable furniture.

The primary materials of their products are exquisite furniture made of teak and oak; if you are looking for furniture made of such wood materials, then their home is a good choice.

TEAKEA’s primary goal is to make your home a place to relax and be yourself without worrying about the budget!

6. Dutch Furniture

Dutch furniture is a style of furniture that originated in the Netherlands. Simple shapes and lines characterize this furniture style, emphasized through color and material characteristics. The simplicity of Dutch furniture makes it very versatile and suitable for almost any setting, whether at the home, office or even restaurant spaces.

The most common material used to make Dutch furniture is wood. Wood can be finished in many ways depending on the desired look you want to achieve. Some popular finishes include:

Natural wood finish – this type of finish gives your piece a natural feeling with minimal maintenance required.

Stained wood finish – this type of finish provides a more vibrant look with more maintenance required since stains tend to fade over time

Painted wood finish – this type of finish is an alternative choice if you dislike stains or natural finishes.

7. Spoinq

Spoinq is a Dutch company specializing in designing and manufacturing home furniture.

Spoinq was founded by three entrepreneurs with a passion for design and innovation. They wanted to create a brand offering their customers genuinely unique yet affordable products. Spoinq’s collection includes sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, and decorative pieces, all made of high-quality materials such as leather and wood.

8. Mass Modern Design

Mass Modern Design

Mass Modern Design is a popular online furniture retailer offering affordable contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories with a sleek style. The company is based in the Netherlands and has been successful since its establishment in 2014. They offer extensive homewares, lighting, accessories, and furniture. Their products are modern, functional, and affordable.

Their collection includes dining tables, coffee tables, sideboards, storage units, beds & mattresses, wardrobes, and mirrors. Their furniture designs are simple yet stylish with clean lines, making them ideal for residential homes and commercial spaces such as hotels or restaurants.

9. Aktie Wonen

Aktie Wonen

Aktie Wonen (“Company Home”) is a chain of discount furniture stores with two locations in Amsterdam, and The store offers a wide range of products in a variety of styles and price ranges (some items are pretty cheap!).

They specialize in custom-made furniture but also sell ready-made pieces. They offer a wide range of products, from dining tables to chairs, sofas, and beds.

10. Relaxxz

The main products of Relaxxz include lounge armchairs, armchairs, and standing armchairs, as well as a wide range of sofas, beds, dining tables, and more.

Relaxxz has a showroom in Woonboulevard Heerlen, displaying the full range of furniture and allowing customers to experience the comfort of the furniture first-hand. In addition, they have established their warehouses in multiple places and provide delivery services. You can always get a replacement if your chair develops a quality problem.

Final thoughts:

In this case, it lists the top 10 best Dutch furniture brands for you and also compiled various furniture manufacturers lists globally, and we hope it will be helpful to you.

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